Agent Skateboards would be nothing without its artist. This page is to give recognition for all the help they have gave me over the years. Since 1998 to the present day. These Guys and Girls are the best at what they do.


Arlan DeRussy

Arlan DeRussy was the first artist to the Agent Skateboards family in 1998. Arlan drew up the Agent Shadow Guy, Agent Barrel Gun, and the Agent Lazer Gun. Basically we started Agent in Chicago on West Granville Ave about to blocks away from Loyal College. 30,000 stickers I think was the first order. If you went to any Rave party, or Skate Shop near Chicago  in 1998 you would have recognized the barrel sticker.

Arlan we thank you. 


Founder,designer at


Vyto Grybauskas


This guy right here Vyto you guys have know idea the love this kid has gave to Agent Skateboards. As an og team rider and probability one of the best graffiti writers still around. Vyto has done projects for Agent as well.  Just check out the pictures below.




Phil FreeArt

Phil FreeArt what can I say without crying. The god the legend. I'm just glad I was able to even know this man on a friend level. Phil was the greatest man with a pen and paper, I have ever known. Actually i think most of his graphics were on a napkin. Known for Graffiti comic book style. Phil created the Agent Robot Shadow, Blue Tag and others that you might not get to see. R.I.P we miss you Phil.


Keith Evans

Keith Evans is man who brought Agent Skateboards to the clean crisp digital world. He designed The Agent Blues Eyes Deck, Agent Yellow Eyes Deck, and the Agent Water Crow Deck. His talent was brought to my attention by a band called Fluid Minds. They told me how awesome this guy was. And I still agree to this day. Keith is the top guy for digital graphics. 



 Robert O'Connor









Matt Lunsford




Erick Garcia

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